Spotlight Sunday #2 | Thai Iced Tea

Hello & happy Sunday!

I'm back with another Spotlight Sunday post but with an item that is not specific to a certain restaurant - just to a specific cuisine. 

The Thai iced tea. Have you tried it? 
I cannot go into a Thai restaurant and not order this. Sweet, cool, light and refreshing - this is everything I look forward to drinking while chewing down on some (semi) spicy panang or masaman curry. 

Just mix it up... 

And it's ready to drink. :)

If you've never had a Thai iced tea before, it's easy to make! All you have to do is ice down some black tea, add some sugar, half and half and condensed milk and that's it! So incredibly delicious and maybe not the best thing for you to drink but! A little indulgence here and there is a good thing. 

It's so good that you'll end up with an empty glass just like mine. 

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