Mid-June Updates & Food Faves

Hello & happy Tuesday!
And thank god this isn't a vlog because I kind of had to stop and think about what day it is.

Also, Happy [belated] Father's Day!

I thought that since I didn't really have a book review or recipe planned in the last week or so, I would update you on little things that will be happening semi-soon along with sharing with you some of my faves food-wise because why not? Yup. Exactly.

So, I warned you all that I would be semi-absent in June because work is kicking my ass. We are so incredibly busy - which is so bizarre for June - and mixing that with some personal stuff and yeah. 
But no worries! July is approaching fast & starting just next week I have some release-day reviews, early reviews, guest posts and mash-up Mondays planned that I am so excited to have you all read and be a part of.

Speaking of updates, you can expect a new blog layout semi-soon and if you didn't notice from the previous post, higher-quality pictures for any and all recipe posts.

I've mostly just updated recipes and book reviews because I think I was trying to find my voice within the blog for the first 6 months. Now that I feel pretty comfortable with updates and the like, I think I will start posting some personal...ish posts. In the Book Blogger tour I'm participating in July, we will be covering some interesting topics and I'm just thinking that I have more going on in this little head of mine than just thoughts on books and recipes and I would like to share that with the world so we can all discuss these topics, together.
Because really, this is the whole reason I started this blog - discussing and discovering new books and ideas and meeting new people.

So yeah, that's my shpeel.

And because I feel like I have to share some yummy stuff I've been loving, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

I'm not sure if this is out in stores yet? I believe that it was sent as a sample and I was just lucky enough to try it. I will, however, be checking out Whole Foods for this because it was absolutely delicious and chewy and not too sweet and just yum. Definitely need to buy a box of these.

OK. This almond butter? Heaven. I usually serve it alongside an apple and that's a meal. I also put a tablespoon (or two) in my smoothies and eat it alone if I'm in need of some emotional support because yeah, it does that.

These scrumptious chocolate chip cookies are nut && gluten free! They taste similar* (but not exactly) to Chips Ahoy cookies and I can eat 3 bags of these without feelings like I have over done my sweet fix of the day. Also, I'm not allergic to gluten but I feel like my body is a bit sensitive to it so I try to eat as gluten-free as possible without completely avoiding it... hope that makes sense!

These candies were a gift from my friend Monica and they were so delicious that I had to share them with everyone immediately around me. Which then left me wanting more candies.
This pear and cinnamon flavor makes you feel like you're sucking on a poached pear - delicious!
It is also dairy, gluten, soy, nut, sugar and GMO free. :)

Keeping it short and sweet, I'll end the post here and leave you with a quote that inspires me when I'm wondering why the heck life throws so many curve-balls my way and am feeling a bit hopeless.

&& here is where you can find me on the interwebz:

Until next time-



  1. Did you get the kind bar in a birchbox? I did and I really liked it; I was pleasantly surprised. I've never had almond butter but it sounds delicious. Maybe on a biscuit?

    Also, I'm trying to convince hubs to make your grandmother's flan recipe. He's got one that he normally uses but I want him to try yours. :)

    1. Hi Patti!
      Actually, I got the kind bar at work but when I asked where I could purchase it, our purchasing guy had no idea where I could get it.
      How do you like your birchbox? I just signed up for the website but haven't signed up for the program yet.
      And seriously, this maple almond butter is good on anything. Just go try it alone or even on your husband hahaha you will both love it.
      Let me know if you try the flan recipe! It's a bit long but detailed, I think.
      You can text me if you have any questions :)

  2. I do like my birchbox (I also get ipsy and love them both!) I got my sister-in-law addicted too :)

    It's funny because yesterday a co-worker mentioned her son loves almond butter; I'm going to have to try it for sure!


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