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Hello everyone & happy Tuesday!

Keeping up with post demands, I have been trying to come up with quick and simple plug-ins for weekly updates to keep the blog going.  If you didn't check out my new weekly Spotlight Sunday posts that just kicked off, the link for it is right here.

For Tuesdays, I was thinking of quick tips from the trade. My trade? Culinarian. So I might know a thing or two and just want to share it with the rest of you in case you happen to be unaware.

Today's Quick Tip Tuesday: Salad Greens Tips & Tricks 
to guarantee the best damn greens you've ever had

Now while most people purchase their salad greens pre-cut and washed, the best way (I feel) to help guarantee freshness and a high quality product is to buy your greens of choice whole and then cut it. The exception to this, of course, are greens like arugula and spinach which are pre-cut for a reason.

There are ways we have found to prolong their shelf life as well as guarantee a top quality product. You see, sometimes we cut greens for 2 people and other times we cut salad greens for 2,000. Do we like it? Not so much. Is there a way to cut them early in the morning or even the night before an event and make sure they stay crisp, fresh and a bright green color with absolutely no specks of brown? Absolutely.

Here's 5 things you need to make sure you do:

1. Use a really sharp knife - having a dull knife creates bruising on the greens and they turn bad, faster.

2. Wash with ice-cold water - warm or even room temperature water can wilt salad greens.

3. Dry your greens well - use a salad spinner. If you have an older model, just make sure you place dry pieces of paper towel on the bottom of your bowl and right on top to try to catch as much of that excess water as possible

4. Toss out any wilted/bruised/old pieces of greens - If any of the nasty stuff gets on the decent pieces of greens you have already cut/washed, it will just create a bitter and unpleasant texture while eating. Take your time and separate the bad from the good before cutting, washing and drying.

5. Store in a cool place - don't leave your salad greens outside in room temperature; keep them cool! Refrigerating them helps them last longer by preventing them from wilting and bruising. 

*Bonus tip - for parties or even a simple dinner, make sure you toss the greens at the last possible minute with the salad dressing to help keep them crisp as long as possible.

So, that's it! I hope you enjoyed my first Quick Tip Tuesday post :) I'll be seeing you soon!

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