YouTube Faves & Dr. Who love #nojudging

Hello & happy Sunday!
After a week long hiatus, I figure it is time to come back and join the rest of you out in the "real world."
Although I cannot use the excuse of working hard (since I only worked some 32 hours this week), I did have my mom and sister visit me from Miami and spent most of the time after their departure, reading. And I might also be binge-watching Dr. Who... again. Because the new season starts on the 27th of August and I cannot wait! #nojudging

I'm currently working on ways to introduce a larger variety of topics available for your reading pleasure here on the blog. Aside from the book reviews, recipe posts and mash-ups, I'm trying to keep things fresh (for my benefit as well as yours). So you know, if there's anything you want to see/read, I would greatly appreciate any suggestion.

Today, I want to talk about YouTube. While most everyone is familiar with the website, not everyone uses it for the same purpose.

I discovered the amazingness of YouTube about a year or so ago with Kandee Johnson's makeup tutorials. Remember that no judging hash tag above? Please don't make me use it again. :)
Life in Orlando (or Borelando as I like to call it) is kind of.. blah. It lacks the excitement and vivaciousness that Miami has and that I am used to. It also took me a while to create friendships with substance - people who I could just chill with and feel content. While I am starting to feel somewhat content now, it was not always the case and I needed something to help occupy my time and not make me feel so alone.
Honestly, I read. I read a lot. The problem here is that I spent so much time occupying myself with books that I think I overdosed. Also, working 16 hour shifts does not make it easy to focus on the written word. What was left? YouTube.

The main reason why I want to bring up this web site is because I feel like it will be replacing blogging semi-soon. And while I will be touching upon this subject on parajunkee's site later on this month for our Book Blogger Buzz tour, I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite YouTube channels because .. uh, yeah. I can. ;)

In no particular order, here are 5 of my faves (book channels and otherwise):

Essie Button - Beauty and a semi-fashion channel, I enjoy her unique approach to describing certain products (beauty and non-beauty). I also enjoy reading her blog,

Books & Quills - Book channel that is run by the Netherlands native, Sanne. She posts about almost anything book-related. From book reviews and book tags to her latest bookshelf tour, I recommend this channel to any and every book lover out there.

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon - because I can't always catch the show and this channel shows me all the good bits that I may have missed out on. 

Little Book Owl - Catriona is an Austrialian book blogger/vlogger and aside from her awesome accent, I enjoy her book selections and the way she reviews. 

Kandee Johnson - A hot makeup artist with 4 kids, Kandee feels like a superwoman to me. I love her bubbly personality and her crazy makeup skills. I've learned a lot by just watching her videos and my sister and I both binge-watch her videos when we're together.

Because I follow too many channels to mention, I only picked these five. For the sake of honorable mentions, here are mine:

*All names/channels mentioned have been linked directly to their YouTube page. Just click on the name!

If you would like to visit me on YouTube (though I have yet to post anything... but maybe soon?) Here is the link.

I also just realized that I have no food or food related channels... any suggestions?

Any who, hope you enjoyed this post and I will be seeing you sooner than you think :)

&& here is where you can find me on the interwebz:

Until next time-


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