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Hello everyone and happy Saturday! 

I thought I would help kick-off the weekend with a little book fun. Since I have yet to post any tags, I was looking for some online and stumbled upon this one on goodreads, here.
I've adapted it a tiny bit... let's get started!

These books are not limited to just the ones I have read in the past year, but available to any and every book I have ever read. :)

Book Cake Tag

 - book that was slow to start but picked up as it went along:

Uh oh, my love of classics is showing. 
While not my typical book pick, I love Jane Eyre. The first 10 chapters, though? How on earth I got through that, I will forever have no idea.

 - book with a rich (great) plot:

Halfway to the Grave is the first book in Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series. I might have chosen this novel because I just read the deleted alternative "middle" for Destined For An Early Grave on Jeaniene Frost's website.. but I doubt it. I LOVE this series and while I'm sad that it is over, this first book in the series is one of the best firsts in almost any series I have read - ever.

 - book that you expected to be bad but tuned out to be quite enjoyable:

I wouldn't say that I expected Better Homes and Hauntings to be bad, I was just anxious that it wouldn't be all that great. And, if you have any doubt as to how much I enjoyed this novel, you can check out my review for it, here.

 - a book you found to be sweet:

All I have to say about Dragos Takes a Holiday is: I  Peanut. That is all.

 - a book that you found to be a bit predictable but pleasantly good

Don't let the word, "vanilla," fool you, people! This book was a bit predictable, yeah OK, but that does not lessen its impact on me as a reader. I may have cried, whatever. I try to avoid Sarah Dessen novels after This Lullaby and Dreamland because I just can't deal with crying and reading.

Chocolate Filling
 - a book you found to be sinfully delicious:
Since I already mentioned Halfway to the Grave, I will not mention One Foot in the Grave and Chapter 32... but it does get honorable mention. Instead, I would like to mention this series:

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy beginning with The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is NOT for the faint of heart. This book is hardcore and leaves 50 Shades of Grey fans looking like amateurs. (No offense here as I am a huge fan of the 50 Shades series... this book is just way too intense.)

 - a book/series that covered every element you usually enjoy/look forward to - humor, action, romance, world-building, etc.:
Because YES. When I first started reading the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning starting with Darkfever, I was expecting sex. Hey, no judging here! This book was in the romance section at my local Barnes & Noble and I honestly expected a lot of romance and therefore, sex.
Thankfully (believe it or not), there was none - in the first novel. There might have been some sexy times but this book/series ended up evolving into something I was not expecting. The world-building was so thorough and so completely interesting and unique than most anything I had read before. The mystery behind Alina's death was pulling me forward, curious and anxious for more information, and the sexual tension between Mac & Barrons? WIN. Just every thing was perfect. Sorry, but it's true.

 - a book series that you can turn to when you're feeling down:

For whatever reason, this is (one of) my favorite series - Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan - and it starts off with the first book in the series, Book of Shadows. I've read this book/series so many times that I had to buy a new copy. Currently, they have been reprinted with cooler covers but my love for this series knows no bounds and I still prefer the original covers... like this one I've linked to here. ^^

Cake Message
 - a book with a pretty cover:

While the Wicked Lovely series is also one of my favorites, this first book, Wicked Lovely, first attracted me to it with its beautiful cover. After reading the blurb on the back cover and realizing this book was about paranormals of the Fae variety, I had to buy it. No surprise here that I absolutely loved the entire series (all book covers were incredible) and Melissa Marr is now one of my auto-buy authors. She writes it? I buy it.

Cherry on Top
 - favorite book this year, so far:

This book was on my TBR pile for YEARS. I finally picked it up this year and now can understand why everyone raves about it, all the time. While there were other books I have read this year that were simply wonderful, Moon Called won out. For a full review and evidence of how much I loved this novel, you can see my review on the Vampire Book Club website, here.

So, that's it! And I tag:
Rachel from Parajunkee
Michelle from Sporadic Liaison
Sabrina from Freak My Geek
And anyone reading this!

Hope you enjoyed my Book Cake Tag and I will be seeing you very soon! 

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