Top 10 Books of 2014 & Top 10 Goals of 2015

Hello & happy new year!

I thought the best way to start the new year is to recap the top books I read in 2014 and set myself up some goals for 2015.

Here is the video I uploaded yesterday for my top 10 books of 2014:

Here are my top 10 goals of 2015:
  1. Visit more small book shops
  2. Read 52 books
  3. Create a blogging schedule (and follow through)
  4. Begin a weekly exercise regimen - Yoga
  5. Read more classic novels
  6. Read more literary fiction
  7. Finish series I've purchased and haven't read or series I've started and haven't finished
  8. Create a BookTube schedule (and follow through)
  9. Finish at least level 1 of Rosetta Stone - Turkish
  10. Start posting cooking/culinary type videos

What were your top books of 2014 & what are your goals for the new year?

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