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Hey guys, hope everything is going well. I know I've been out of the loop for a while but I've just been trying to figure out a schedule for posting and filming that will work with my new school & work schedule. Finally created a schedule & am hoping I can stick to it! 

I thought I would start the year off with a review of Naughty Bits by Joey W. Hill.

I also want to start off by saying that No, I do not like the cover. And honestly, this is the only thing that I do not like about this book - joy!

Here is the blurb:
To better serve the customers of her lingerie shop, Madison must explore the pleasures of giving up control...

After inheriting her sister’s North Carolina lingerie shop, Naughty Bits, Madison jumps at the chance to dump her boring finance career and try her luck down South. But even before Madison can settle in, she catches the attention of the owner of the neighboring hardware store. Sexually dominant Logan Scott recognizes a submissive when he sees one. And what he sees, he wants.

He presents her with three very tempting gifts—handcuffs, erotic cards, and an open invitation to start her sexual training. She has to accept. After all, how can she hope to sell fantasies to lingerie customers without embracing her own? Now, she’s about to discover just how far her fantasies can take her—and how far Logan will go to make every one of them come true.

 If you couldn't tell, this is an Erotic Contemporary Romance (heavy on the erotic side). When I first started reading, I wasn't sure how to feel about it and ended up setting it aside for a couple of days while I finished another novel I was reading for review. Thankfully, I decided to give it a second shot and I fell in love. 
What I loved the most about Naughty Bits was the heavy BDSM elements intertwined with different plot points in the story. Obviously, it is going to be a major aspect of the romantic relationship between the female protagonist, Madison, and her likely love interest, Logan. But it is so much more than that. Madison is dealing with the failure of all of her past relationships, the death of her sister, and a ridiculous amount of self-doubt and general self-esteem issues. The scenes that they play out together help Madison with the problems she has and just every sexual type scene in the novel is placed so carefully and with such precision so as not to feel excessive or simply for superficial purposes. In other words, it's not sex for just sex. 
I also really enjoyed that the novel was just in Madison's perspective and didn't wander into Logan's. Now, I'm not saying that I wouldn't appreciate a scene or two in Logan's POV but by keeping the book in Madison's perspective, you're able to go on this journey of self discovery with her. Since she is new to the dominant/submissive relationship, there is a lot of brief explanations about what is happening along with easing into a world a lot of us aren't familiar with.
All in all, I think Hill did a fantastic job at creating a unique and modern romance. She is also helping those unfamiliar with the BDSM lifestyle/scene understand and (hopefully) appreciate the complexity and beauty of such a negatively viewed world.

Basic info. about this book:

Name: Naughty Bits
Author: Joey W. Hill
Review Source: Provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review
Publishing Company: Berkley Trade
Publication Date: January 6, 2015
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Rating (out of 5): 5

Recommend? Yes!

Where it can be purchased: The Book Depository 

Author online: goodreads

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