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So, the first book I received at RT14 was Virgin. Erin Galloway from Berkley sat in front of about 30 of us bloggers/reviewers and just gave this whole speech on how awesome this book is. Honestly, I was kind of sold (but not really). You know me - I'm a paranormal girl. I dabble in Historical Fiction here and there and some classics but even contemporaries seem daunting to me at times. Do you really want to know what sold me on this one? Sex - and by "sex," I mean the lack thereof.

Ellie is a 21 year old college student who is a virgin. No, she is not a virgin my choice - she is not religious, waiting for "the one" or waiting for marriage. It just seems that she's had a rough time of making any positive sexual experiences with the opposite sex in her 21 years of life and has decided that it is time to lose her V card.

While Ellie's story is interesting (to say the least) and you empathize with her while wishing she would just wait - damnit - the story is exceptional because of Sanghani's expertise in drawing the reader in with her humor and relatable story-telling. I cannot even explain to you how many times I had to stop reading because I was laughing to the point of tears, remembering some long-lost conversation with a best friend - or 3 - talking about the same embarrassing, hilarious and terrifying subjects.

The supporting characters seem to mirror who Ellie wants to become - her friends Lara and Emma - and help move the story along at an even pace. They also seem to have stories of their own (aside from the obvious) that I kind of wish Sanghani will explore in a future novel. These girls are outgoing, open-minded and have an extremely active sex life - everything Ellie wishes she was and/or she had.

The only negative I could think of is Ellie's complete determination to losing her virginity was at times frustrating. She seemed at some points to become so obsessed with trying to have sex that she lost focus of her life. I remember worrying about whether she would finish writing her dissertation or not because of a certain boy on her mind - really, Ellie? 
The novel also makes references to younger girls losing their virginity (around ages 13/14) and while it was not a problem for me to read, it might be for some of you. No details or anything like that to worry about but Ellie briefly explains the ages in which most of her classmates got down and dirty.

Aside from that, the book was phenomenal. I absolutely loved it and would definitely consider rereading this one at a later date and have already mentioned it to 5 of my friends (who are anxiously awaiting their turn to read it).

Definitely a book for a modern woman or at least a woman with an open mind. :)

Basic info. about this book:

Name: Virgin
Author: Radhika Sanghani
Review Source: Provided by Publisher (at RT14) in exchange for an honest review.
Publishing Company: Penguin Group - Berkley, NAL/ Signet Romance, DAW
Publication Date: August 5, 2014
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Chick Lit, New Adult
Rating (out of 5): 4.5

Recommend? Yes!

Where it can be purchased: The Book Depository | B&N | Amazon

Author online: goodreads | website | Facebook | Twitter

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