Mid April Updates & Book Lover Swag

Hello there & welcome in!
I hope everyone's April is going well so far! Spring has sprung as "they" say (who are they, anyway?) and even though it's hot as summer in Florida, I hope you northerners are joyous about the warmer weather.
In my previous post, I had mentioned writing a blog post with updates on everything going on lately as well as promising another book review. While the book review will be up somewhere between Sunday and Tuesday of this upcoming week on Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance #2; Demonica #7) where you can find information on Goodreads about here, this post will be filled to the brim with updates.

Before I [officially] start with my updates, I would like to throw in a quick food favorite:
This Ben & Jerry's new "Core" Ice Cream in Hazed & Confused is absolutely amazing. It's like you're eating Nutella ice cream... but better! In case you can't read the writing well in the picture, this ice cream includes Chocolate & Hazelnut Ice Creams with Fudge Chips & a Hazelnut Fudge Core - Delicious!

Well, update numero uno is... I am currently a co-moderator over on Goodreads with a group called, "Paranormal Addicts & Newbies (link here). This makes me so happy! One of my goals for 2014 was the put myself out there and really connect with fellow readers and writers. So far, not very much progress has been made, but this is progress nonetheless. Please be sure to scoot on over to this lovely group on Goodreads where we are already working on making many changes to enhance the group experience for members who are readers (and writers) just like us.
For anyone out there curious enough, I used to be an English Lit. major before I switched over to Culinary. Thinking back on it now, I am not sure why I stopped mid-degree to pursue Culinary but if all goes well, I will be starting classes in the fall for continuing my education and hopefully attaining my Bachelors of Arts in English Literature (joy!).

2nd, I am proud to say that I will be attending the RT Booklovers Convention 2014 in New Orleans, LA. 

For anyone unaware of the awesomeness that is RTCon14, it is basically a week-long convention where readers, writers, authors, bloggers, editors, publishers, booksellers and anyone else involved in the book publishing industry unite to talk about what they love most - books! Here is a link to their website: I will be attending from Monday, May 12 through Sunday, May 18. 
If you will not be able to attend, I would still recommend going to the GIANT Book Fair on Saturday May 17 which opens to the public at 11am. Here is a complete list of all of the 700+ authors attending which includes 100 Young Adult authors and more than 30 New Adult authors as well. 
And if you cannot attend the Giant Book Fair, I will be bringing back some swag from the convention to give away here on my blog! Cannot wait :) But I still hope to see you there!

&&&... just a quick personal update - things are pretty good here in Orlando; work is starting to slow down a bit and we are all finally able to get the sleep we have been craving since January.

Hope everyone stays safe & has fun this Sunday as well - Happy Easter!
You can thank Google images for this picture. I think it's so cute & original with all of the chalk drawings on the eggs!

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  1. Omg I have to try the new Core ice cream! :D I'm loving your posts.

    The Mich


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