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Hello & Happy second day of February!
For all who celebrate the Lunar New Year... Happy New Year!
For any Wiccans out there... Merry Imbolc!
And finally, if you think Superbowl Sunday merits a shout out then... Happy Superbowl Sunday!

Since I have been out of the loop for a bit, I decided to write up a favorites post for January. Now, maybe it's a bit of a cop-out but this blog is supposed to be about the things I love! So, I'm thinking these monthly-ish favorites will be a good thing. :)

First thing's first...
I have a new favorite restaurant in Orlando! Believe it or not, it's located inside the Disney Animal Kingdom resort and it's called Sanaa: Sanaa Restaurant Link
Sanaa is a African/ Indian themed restaurant. They have excellent curry dishes and even vegetarian specialties. Please do yourself a favor and order the "Traditional Bread Service" which includes your choice of 3 Naan breads and a selection of dipping sauces to choose from.
Aside from our Naan appetizer, we also ordered the appetizer sampler for 2 which included Potato and Pea Samosas, Lamb Kefta Sliders, and a choice of Chana Tikki or Seasonal Soup (we chose the Chana Tikki although the seasonal soup was butternut squash soup and I was almost too tempted but my will prevailed in the end).
For the entree, my boyfriend and I decided to share the "choice of 2" to include Butter Chicken and a braised short rib... me oh my was that yummy. I seriously cannot wait to go back!
Below is the picture I took of our uber delicious appetizer... Well, one of them.
Uploaded from my Instagram: jannelleinwonderland
My next favorite "things" of January were these great reading materials..
Darkest Fear by Cate Tiernan | Birthright #1
For a somewhat detailed review on this wonderful novel, click here.
Foodie at heart? This is the magazine for you! Check out the website here.

If you are every curious as to what I am currently reading, you can always check out my goodreads profile here:

Numero tr3s!
Now.. this one is special. I promise there's a reason why the number "three" in Spanish was spelled with a number 3 in the middle. :)
The custom cake bakery I used to work at is debuting a new reality series entitled, "Las Divas de la Azucar" and it will be airing on MTV tr3s starting this March! The reason it is on my favorite for January (and say... not March) is because I was sent the video to this just a week or two ago.
For a little preview of what you can expect this upcoming season, click the link below and be sure to watch that video! Click here for an article in pure Spanish and a great video introducing the show

Opened Kit Kat "gift" courtesy of Laura 
When I opened this little gift flown all the way from Japan from my second Mom, Iliana, and her daughter (my second sister). Laura, on their way back from their oriental vacation, I was mentally prepared for the worst.
While I drink green tea on a semi-daily basis, well... I drink it hahaha I'm not eating it! Can I just explain to you how delicious this is? Just a slight bitterness from the green tea and a ridiculously creamy chocolate coating which I am sure is white chocolate... Where can I get these in the states?! This is definitely #4 on my favorites list.

The next itemsss combined are numero cinco on my January Favorites:
It smells delicious! I don't even like food smells for beauty products.

LUSH! If you follow me on IG, you will know I am LUSH crazy and this celestial face moisturizer and the Eau Roma toner have done wonders for my sensitive skin.
Almost done, number six is a quote I stumbled upon on pixiwoos' instagram. How true is this? 
A link to their IG can be found here!
Finally, I'll end this post with a song for my seventh and final favorite for the month of January.

Say Something by A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera

What were some of your favorites this month?

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