Good evening everyone & welcome to my blog!

And because we just missed it, Happy New Year!!
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Like most people I, too, have some New Year Resolutions that I would like to follow through with and accomplish for 2014. The reason why I decided to start this blog is simply because I want to do more of what I love - read, write, cook. So, here it is - this blog is my baby at the dawn of early 2014. I plan to treat it well and you can sit along for the ride, if you'd like.
Now, I already cook for a living. I am a cook at an extremely lovely hotel here in Orlando, FL. Though I will not be sharing the delicious bits I cook at work, I might squeeze in a picture here and there but mostly any food here will be 100% my own from purchase to prep to cooking to table.
(posted from my instagram: jannelleinwonderland)

(These are my "here and there" photos I mentioned earlier)

About those books....
I'm obsessed. Seriously, when I'm not working and cooking here at home, I'm reading. Something about pages bound between cover and end... I can't get enough.
Here are the genres you can find me catch me reading on a semi-daily basis:
Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy
Science-Fiction & Fantasy
Historical Fiction (believe it or not)
And this is either Adult or Young Adult - I don't discriminate :)
We're like at 1-2 blog posts a week interchanging between book love and food love.

So, finally, if you're interested... Stay tuned!
I hope to have you riding along on this journey with me.

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Also, because I can't read or cook without some music in the background, I would like to share my first favorite song of 2014: Beyoncé with Drunk In Love
Here's the link to her vevo over on youtube (explicit, BTW!):

 Any song you're currently jamming to?

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