RT Convention Recap & Giveaways

Hello everyone & happy Monday!

As the post title suggests, I will be talking about all things RT. For those of you unaware, RT stands for Romantic Times and this years convention was held in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Marriott on Canal street.
Can I just say how perfect this location was? The hotel was right in the middle of the French Quarter so you have dozens of wonderful restaurants scattered around you in every direction to choose from.
Here is where my friends and I ate around the French Quarter:
Char-broiled Oysters that will change your life

Popcorn Shrimp Po' Boy FTW & delicious Red Beans & Rice

BBQ Shrimp Pasta... I finished it all.
Brunch in NOLA never tasted so good
Sometimes all you need is an ice cold beer

I will also say that I have discovered a new love and her name is Bloody Mary. 

The ones they make in NOLA (short for New Orleans, LA) are the most delicious I have ever tried (I think it's the olive juice I saw a bartender pour into my glass). And if you happen to not finish it while at the bar and need to head out, no worries! Just take it to go.... yup, in a plastic cup to go. I love NOLA.

If you were also able to arrive a few days prior to the start of the convention, you were able to do some fun touristy things like the Haunted Walking Tour my family and I did of the French Quarter.
Here is a picture I was able to snap of these haunted streets:
A Vampire lived here... and yes, my tour guide was dead serious about the realness of this person... err, Vampire.

Also... BOURBON STREET. Oh my goodness I was not made for Bourbon Street. I'm not sure if it was just the locals or full of out-of-towners but I think that might be my last time visiting that particular street at that particular time of night (anything past 10 at night). All I'm going to say is... BOOBS. 

On to the good stuff...Books!
And holy books. So many books I haven't heard of or I had been wanting to read and Advanced copies... I cannot wait to get started. Actually, I cannot wait so much that I already started, finished a book, and am currently reading the second book of the series.
If you're ever curious as to what I'm reading at the moment (like more current updates), remember to check out my goodreads page here:

& remember you can find me on the interwebz, here:

And since I have so many books - some duplicated, some newer ones signed, advanced copies, etc.- I will be hosting some giveaways. Yup, that's right... giveaways! I am so incredibly excited to be able to do this and share all of these wonderful books with all of you so stay tuned!

Last, but most certainly not least, I would like to share some pictures of some amazing ladies I met at this convention who I think I could not have survived #RT14 without... until next year (but hopefully sooner) ladies! Love you & miss you already.

RT really went all out this year and so did the many publishing companies, editors, authors, bloggers, and anyone else I might have left out that joined them in the giveaways, panel discussions, social events, etc. 

Ilona Andrews, Charlaine Harris, Jeaniene Frost and Marjorie M. Liu

This is totally Jeaniene Frost - she is so nice!

Thank you RT for a damn good time.

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